Point of Sale Systems

There’s a reason the world has embraced Point of Sale (POS) systems. When you consider the kind of fast and efficient service a POS terminal can provide, it is possible to speed up your sales, reduce staff time interacting with customers, and ensure fewer mistakes and opportunities for theft are made.

We embrace innovations in Point of Sale for efficiency and profitability. Business owners know the timesaving flow on effects of a P.O.S terminal. Specifically designed for your industry, our POS systems use many advanced features that only the latest software can deliver.

Our terminals use features such as:

  • Data Duplication.
  • Unlimited Screen Layers
  • No Restrictions on PLU Numbering
  • Real Time Loyalty
  • PC-Based terminals which are totally self contained, storing data on reliable hard drives.
  • Extremely Fast hardware
  • PDE Connection for Stock Taking and Transfers

You’ll be astounded how our systems work with the operator to reduce errors and improve customer service.