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Douggies Standard Computer Setup

(on All new PC’s or LAP tops)

 All our laptops & Desk Tops are setup and ready to go with our 'full setup service'.

 All drivers updated and installed

  1. All windows Patches at time of delivery down loaded and installed
  2. Other essential software installed for your convenience
  3. If upgrading we will transfer all your  personal files and emails to new Computer 

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  • Point of Sale Systems
    Point of Sale Systems
  • IT Support Plans
    IT Support Plans
  • Malware Removal
    Malware Removal
  • Computer Hardware
    Computer Hardware
  • Multifunction Printers
    Multifunction Printers
  • Data BackUp & Security
    Data BackUp & Security
  • Ransomware Removal
    Ransomware Removal
  • Support When You Need It
    Support When You Need It