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Staff Clock On with StarrClock 

Handles timing on and off of staff. Staff can likewise cabin demands for occasions or days off. 

Coordinated into StarrOffice Timesheets and Rostering. 


StarrOffice gives you a large group of devices and components that makes dealing with a current cordiality stock framework far less demanding. With a tick on the screen, you can see the present day's business contrasted with that day a year ago. You can see patterns, observe how terminals are exchanging, be told by SMS if zones have not opened or shut on time, outline your own particular names, cards, tickets and a great deal more. 

Continuous Support is the most critical thought when acquiring an automated framework. Starrtec gives a complete Hardware and Software bundle to its customers and StarrOffice backing is accessible at all times for crises however by and large amid ordinary business hours. 

From substantial multi-site operations to straightforward single terminal areas, StarrOffice is the ideal accommodation PC program. The data in StarrOffice is kept the length of you oblige it and can be utilized to give progressing investigation of your business and complete administration data. 

Programmed exchanges and a scope of stock reports permit you to decrease stock close by levels whilst keeping up the ideal level to stay away from blackouts. Advancements, packages and markdown levels are all taken care of effortlessly similar to the cooperations with different frameworks, for example, Gaming, Loyalty, Accounting and Electronic Invoicing. 

Instinctive messages from StarrOffice advise the administrator what employments should be finished. StarrOffice naturally highlights low edges and can tell staff that marks need printing and receipts that need checking. 




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